O’Fallon Burst Pipe Repair

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Frozen pipes can pop up at the most inopportune time in the O’Fallon and Lake St. Charles, MO area. When the problem arises, it is best to take care of the problem as soon as possible. You should cut off the main water supply going to the pipe if you are able to wait until the professional plumber can arrive and begin the thawing process on the frozen pipes. Once that’s done, call Craftsman Plumbing Company for expert solutions. We’ll get the job done quickly to prevent any major damage to your home.

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Signs Your Pipes Are at Risk of Bursting

Partial water service indicates that a pipe is frozen somewhere in the house. A complete lack of water service can be the result of a frozen water meter or a frozen hose bib or pipe leading from the water main in the street to the house. A meter or water pipe that feels extremely cold is most likely frozen. These are all signs you need frozen pipe repair.

It’s important to clear frozen blockages as soon as possible to minimize the danger of pipes bursting in some inaccessible spot. We can replace your hose bib if it has frozen over to prevent any major issues. Untreated, the resulting leak could cause serious property damage.

How to Prevent Burst or Frozen Pipes

A frozen pipe can lead to a burst pipe which can cause major issues such as property damage or permanent water damage.

  • Unattach your garden hoses before freezing temperatures arrive in the fall.
  • Close the shut-off valve on the pipe(s) which lead to your outdoor faucet(s).
  • Open the outdoor faucets so that any residual water can drain.
  • Try leaving the cabinet doors under the faucets open so that they can get a bit more heat. In extreme cases let the water trickle very slowly into the sink.
  • Insulate water pipes which may be exposed to freezing temperatures or wind. Water pipes that are not being used should be drained for the winter in areas where there may be severely cold weather.
  • If there is plumbing in your garage, be sure to keep your garage door closed when it is very cold. Pipes in unheated garages or basements should be insulated.

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Why Choose Us?

Frozen pipes can cause major damage to your home and need to be attended to right away. Our specialized plumbing and heating equipment will have your pipes free and clear in a jiffy. And we have solutions for your home to help prevent re-freezing of the pipes. O’Fallon and Lake St. Louis residents choose us for plumbing service because:

  • Same day service
  • Professional technicians
  • Guaranteed, upfront pricing
  • Clean, prompt service
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction with our work

At Craftsman Plumbing Company in O’Fallon, MO, we can handle the tough jobs such as burst pipe repair and minimize damage to your home. Call us at 636-733-6242 if you suspect an issue to schedule your service with us now!