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A dripping or leaking faucet may seem like a minor problem, but there are good reasons to get it fixed. Dripping water will eventually stain your sink and rust your fixtures. Drips and leaks also waste a lot of water— approximately 230 gallons a year! This isn’t the only concern you have to deal with when it comes to kitchen plumbing. You want your kitchen to be efficient, functional, and modern-looking. Craftsman Plumbing Company can make that a reality with expert kitchen remodeling including faucet and garbage disposal service.

Build-up can affect the functioning of your drains. Call for professional drain cleaning today!

Benefits of Installing a Garbage Disposal

Many people consider living in a home without garbage disposal as living in the dark ages. It is simply an essential part of most people’s lives. It offers many different benefits which you can enjoy on a near-daily basis. By knowing the different benefits you can get from a garbage disposal installation, you may find yourself scrambling to get one installed in your home.

  • Better Smelling Kitchen: Eliminate food immediately instead of having it sit around in your kitchen garbage bin.
  • Saving Money: Assists in breaking down trash that could clog your drain.
  • Lighter Trash: Lower the number of times you’re taking out your trash.
  • Fewer Leaks: No clogs means no pressure build-ups and therefore fewer leaks.
  • Easier Clean Up: Wipe your crumbs and your mess directly into your sink.

Signs You Need Faucet Repair

Craftsman Plumbing Company provides expert faucet repairs. Because we specialize in residential plumbing, we are familiar with most brands. We arrive at your home with a wide variety of faucet repair parts to get the job done in a single visit. If we are unable to determine the name brand on-site, we can perform a detailed search to identify and locate any available parts required. Here’s when to call our experts:

  • Dripping or leaking faucets
  • Irregular flow or discharge from your faucet
  • Squeaky or noisy handles
  • Visibly damaged components
  • Rust or lime/sediment build-up

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Professional Kitchen Renovation Services

Your kitchen plumbing is made up of several different components that provide you with convenience, function, and efficiency. From your fixtures on down to your garbage disposal, these parts work together to give you the kitchen of your dreams. You want a residential plumbing contractor that can handle the full gamut of kitchen remodeling services, from that annoying leaky sink to replacing an old garbage disposal.

If you need assistance with any component of your kitchen’s plumbing, call us. Our knowledgeable technicians can assist you with every facet of your kitchen’s plumbing with competitive, straightforward pricing, and interest-free financing options.

At Craftsman Plumbing Company in O’Fallon, MO, we can make your dream kitchen a reality with expert repair and installation for all of your essential kitchen fixtures. Call us today at 636-733-6242!