O’Fallon Gas Line Repair & Installation

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Gas Pipe Repair Service - Craftsman Plumbing Company

Having natural gas in your home can be a big convenience. You can power a variety of appliances in an affordable and efficient manner. However, this is not a job you want done by an amateur plumber. You want a professional contractor to perform your gas appliance hook-up like Craftsman Plumbing Company in O’Fallon, MO. We can get all of your appliances set up and also assist you in the event of a malfunction or leak. For a full array of services, contact our team today. We’re serving Lake Saint Louis and the surrounding areas.

Whole home repiping is a big job. We can help! Call us to book your next appointment.

Why You Should Hire a Plumber for Gas Line Installation

No matter your needs, our licensed professionals can help you get set up with easy and convenient access to gas. Here are some reasons why you should contact a professional for this important job:

  • Safety: When handling live gas, safety should always come first! That’s because exposure could be potentially fatal. You want peace of mind knowing that you won’t have an unnecessary leak to deal with.
  • Local code: Some local codes or laws require a professional to undertake the job of installing a gas line. Check your local codes or give us a call to find out if it’s necessary to get professional assistance.
  • Knowledge: We know your pipes. We understand all of the specific requirements to get your gas appliances set up in a safe and professional manner.

Professional Gas Valve Repairs

Replacing a gas valve should be left to a professional. You don’t want to risk improper replacement or installation. When it comes to gas valve repairs and replacements, it can’t be completed by someone who isn’t certified to replace it by a manufacturer, or the manufacturer itself. This is because a certified plumber or the manufacturer can ensure the safety and proper functioning of the new valve.

Valve problems can be caused by being submerged underwater, freezing, earthquakes, and other natural disasters and mechanical issues. If you notice visible damage to your gas valve, call us right away for a solution.

Don’t delay, call us at the first sign of trouble for gas leak detection.

Choose Us for Gas Hook Up

We are experts in getting your appliances set up. You can call us to get your gas up and running for:

  • BBQ gas line installation
  • Stove hook up
  • Furnace hook up
  • Heater hook up
  • And more!

Choose expert service for your big jobs including natural gas set-ups. Call the professionals at Craftsman Plumbing Company in O’Fallon, MO at 636-733-6242 to schedule an appointment.