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Whole-home repiping can is a tricky job. Like any other system in your home, there will come a time when you need to direct your attention to your home’s pipes. They play a huge role in your plumbing system. Your pipes do everything from transporting water in, to transporting waste out. You want to know that they’re working as they should. At Craftsman Plumbing Company in O’Fallon, MO, we have the expertise and tools to get the job done with minimal disruption to your daily routine. You can trust that our reliable professionals will get the job done right.

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Signs You Need House Repiping Services

Your plumbing pipes were made to last a long time. They are robust and are made to withstand years and years of regular use and wear and tear. Repiping a home can be a big investment and project so you want to be able to recognize the signs so you know exactly when to prepare:

  • Aging or unsafe pipes: Replace if they are 50 years or older or they are made of unsafe materials such as lead.
  • Leaky pipes: Leaky pipes can cause water damage. Avoid costly repairs by catching them on time.
  • Corroded pipes: Stained, flaking, or rusting pipes can cause harmful things to circulate in your water and it can lead to leaks and collapsed pipes.
  • Water pressure issues: Low or high water pressure can put extra strain on your pipes leading to damage.
  • Discolored or rusty water: This is a good sign that the inside of your pipes has corroded.
  • Bad tasting or smelling water: If you notice bad tastes or smells, it could be because of the poor quality of your pipes.
  • Inconsistent water temperatures: Old pipes could mess with the temperature of your water.

Professional Repiping Services

Repiping is definitely not a DIY job. You want a professional that will handle the job right, use the correct materials, and make sure everything is installed properly so that you can have peace of mind knowing you get to enjoy functioning plumbing for a long time to come. Here are just a few of the popular materials we can use to repipe your home:

  • Copper pipes
  • PEX pipes
  • CPVC pipes
  • PVC pipes

If you’re curious about which type of pipe is right for you, contact us. We’ll discuss the pros and cons with you so that you can make an informed decision.

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Why Work With Us?

If you’re facing a piping issue right now, or you want to invest in the future of your home, contact a professional repipe company like Craftsman Plumbing Company in the Lake St. Louis area and beyond. We provide competitive pricing on these services to ensure you’re able to afford these big projects. Working with us means getting a full customer service experience including:

  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Professional, prompt service
  • Knowledgeable technicians
  • Competitive, straightforward pricing
  • Trustworthy technicians

Whole home repiping is a tough job. We make it easy for you with licensed, knowledgeable professionals and quality, state of the art materials. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at 636-733-6242!