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Anyone who has had the trouble of low pressure knows how frustrating the experience can be. Low pressure can result in poor toilet flushing, terrible showers, inability to wash clothing, and poor rinsing of the dishes. This can be caused by several different kinds of problems. Let us here at Craftsman Plumbing Company take care of your water pressure issues.

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Types of Pressure Reducing Valves

There are different types of water pressure regulators that can be used in your home. These can be classified as pilot operated valves or direct-acting solenoid valves.

  • A direct valve is mostly used in a smaller caliber, low-pressure environments: It is faster to start up for this reason compared to the other valves. If you need a valve that has a fast connection and disconnection, this is a great option. These types require more power and are simpler to control.
  • Pilot operated valves are better for big diameters and higher pressure environments: This allows for a higher flow capability. This energy-saving valve can be installed for projects. These have a higher tolerance for high pressure but slower response time.

Maintaining Your Pressure Regulator

A pressure regulating valve is made up of a diaphragm and o-ring. This fixture is meant to make your water pressure higher or lower. The tighter you tune it, the less flow and pressure you’ll have. There are ways you can troubleshoot and maintain your regulator. Try these tips and don’t forget to schedule your regular maintenance service with us.

  • Turn off your water supply and open up all of the faucets in your home to relieve pressure in the lines.
  • Turn the fitting clockwise to remove the cover and lift the valve out. Soak the piece in a bowl of lime build-up remover until it’s completely clean. Rinse with water.
  • Inspect the o-ring, diaphragm, and valve to ensure they’re not cracked or damaged.
  • Grease the pieces to keep them from deteriorating.
  • Reinstall the valves and replace the cover.

A sump pump installation service can prevent flooding in your home. Call our licensed experts to book your appointment!

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