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Ask the Plumbing Experts 2022

Answers to Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Just as every bank teller has heard the joke about giving money away, every plumbing technician has had the same questions posed to them repeatedly. Plumbing professionals know the answers from the most frequently occurring problems to easy DIY solutions. Here is an array of questions and solutions that come before plumbing experts on nearly a daily basis.

Which Plumbing Problems are the Most Common?drain

When a customer calls a plumber, their issues can range from mild (such as a toilet tank constantly running) to extreme (such as a sewer backup). The most frequent calls usually fall into one of the following categories:
  • Clogs: Blockages deep in the drainage system may take special tools and know-how to remove them. There are many ways for a clog to form, from the age of pipes to mineral buildup, but it is often because someone put the wrong thing in the drain.
  • Noisy, Running Toilets and Tanks: The water running constantly in a toilet tank is not only annoying, but it is also costly and wasteful of water. The flushing apparatus, likely the flap or the float, needs some kind of adjustment. 
  • Burst Pipes: When water is gushing into the yard or pooling under the sink, the likely culprit is the burst pipe. This is one of those issues that require near-immediate attention. Burst pipes can be caused by freezing temperatures and encroaching roots of trees and plants, but older pipes sometimes weaken and come apart without clear reason.
  • Sewage backups: The sewer backup is one of the worst and most disgusting plumbing emergencies. Normally this is caused by a clog, usually associated with something not supposed to be flushed like disposable wipes or paper towels.

callWhat Issues Require a Call to the Plumber?

Of course, some solutions can easily fall into the DIY category. But where is the line between what a homeowner can handle and when it's worth calling a plumber? This can be delicate, as one might imagine. While a homeowner might not want to pay someone to do something they could potentially do themselves, they also wouldn't want to cause a bigger problem that can lead to a much bigger bill.  

A good rule of thumb is if the problem cannot be taken care of quickly and easily (like a toilet or sink clog that can be hastened on its way with a plunger), then the problem is likely to require a plumbing professional. Contact a professional immediately for gas line repair if a gas leak is detected. Clients should not wait until the problem is at an emergency level to call the local plumbing service.

Are There Ways to Prevent Plumbing Problems?

The best solution to any problem is prevention. While one cannot prevent plumbing disasters, there are many ways to stay ahead of potential issues.

  • Schedule regular pipe maintenance and drain cleaning.
  • Use drain traps.
  • Allow only toilet paper and waste in the toilet.
  • Do not put grease down the drain.
  • Do not use chemical drain openers.

These tips will keep a home's plumbing in great shape to enter 2022.

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