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Be Thankful For Essential Workers Like Local Plumbers

Plumbers Provide Services that No One Wants to Go Without

Plumbing can be a dirty job and one that can be overlooked when it comes to being thankful. Any homeowner who has had to have emergency plumbing repair knows the value of a reliable plumbing technician. Only some have had to deal with such an issue, so this article should remind everyone to thank their plumber for a well-done job.

General Plumbing Repair: Clogs, Leaks, and Backflow, Oh, My! sewer line

A home cannot have indoor plumbing without having some plumbing outdoors as well. Functional water and sewer lines are essential to a home's plumbing working the way it should. Though plumbers often fix pipes and clogs within the home, much of their work is done outside in direct contact with the supply pipes and the sewer lines. They perform many essential repairs, but some of the basic regular tasks of a plumbing professional include some of the following things:

  • Clearing sewer line clogs
  • Checking and repairing backflow preventers
  • Fixing pipe leaks
  • Fixing faucet leaks
  • Fixing toilet leaks
  • Drain cleaning
  • Replacing broken or damaged pipes
  • Slab leaks

The Most Dangerous Leaks: Gas Line Repair

Most people think about plumbers and water pipes or drains, but there are other types of pipes that a trained plumbing professional is qualified to work on. They can perform repairs on any pipe, including gas lines. This is important because gas line leaks are so dangerous. A person needs the proper safety equipment and tools for gas leak repair. Gas leaks are flammable and can lead to explosions if not dealt with cautiously. Beyond this, gas is poisonous and can kill a person who breathes in too much. Knowing the proper precautions to take is vital to getting the job done.

Staying in Hot Water: Water Heater Repairwater heater

Water heaters can be classified as an essential luxury. They are unnecessary in most circumstances, but they make things so much easier. Water heaters contribute to almost every type of cleaning and water use around the house. Hot water cleans clothes, dishes, and people! If it malfunctions, it can cause major inconveniences throughout the house. If problems do arise, a professional is needed. Here are some of the things the pros do for water heaters:

  • Descaling the Water Tank: Most homes in the US have what is known as hard water. This means that the water has dissolved minerals in it. These minerals can precipitate in the pipes and the hot water tank leaving scale. This scale lowers the tank's capacity and can reduce the effectiveness of the heating element.
  • Checking the PRV: The PRV or pressure release valve is an important safety feature on the water heater. This needs to be tested, and if it is malfunctioning, it needs to be replaced.
  • Checking Pipe Connections: This prevents leaks and damage from them.

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