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3 Common Plumbing Issues To Avoid This Summer

Don’t Let These Plumbing Issues Ruin Your Summer Plans!

There is nothing worse than experiencing plumbing issues during the summertime. The summer months are usually filled with backyard hangouts and households full of people and kids running in and out. Homeowners should have a reliable plumbing system to handle all the traffic from these fun activities. Unfortunately, the summer months are also a time when plumbing issues rise—specifically, the need for sewer pipe repairs. Homeowners do not want to have to deal with this type of problem because it could result in many of their fun activities canceled for the season. 

With professional maintenance and pipe inspections before the summer hits, homeowners can reduce their chances of experiencing plumbing issues. Below are three plumbing issues that one can avoid with a little professional care. 

A Broken Sprinkler Systemsprinkler

Home sprinkler systems are one of the most convenient things about summer plumbing. Most homeowners love to take care of their landscaping in the summer months, and some even venture to grow gardens. For homes like these, sprinkler systems can quickly become a necessity. They reduce the time and energy of the homeowner having to water everything by hand and can even save water in the process. 

These sprinkler systems can become clogged and experience other problems due to rain showers in the summer and other conditions. Homeowners should call a professional when they experience broken sprinkler systems to avoid any further blockages in the outdoor plumbing that could eventually come back into the home and cause damages. 


Hose Bib Issues

A common problem for the hose bib to experience is water spraying out of the cracks when the faucet gets turned on. This is generally an easy problem to fix when homeowners call a professional, but it could also indicate a leak somewhere in the plumbing system. The hose bib sits on the outside of the house, subject to all the harsh winter weather conditions. It is common for hose bibs to experience problems by the time summer hits. 

The hose bib is a common convenience for many homeowners in the summer, so it is vital to have these fixed and professionally maintained before the summer hits. Otherwise, they might be stuck bringing buckets of water outside their indoor plumbing whenever they need to water plants or wash the car. Talk about an incredible inconvenience!

Sewer Line Damage

Sewer line damage is perhaps the most dangerous common plumbing problem that homeowners experience during the summer months. It has the power to put all summer fun activities to a halt. This problem usually occurs because of debris that gets trapped in the outdoor plumbing system after rainstorms. 

Common signs of sewer line damage include: 

It is essential to fix the problem before a foundation crack or leak is imminent. Homeowners should call a professional any time they experience sow drainage or blockages in their indoor or outdoor plumbing system. 

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