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This Earth Day, Celebrate by Learning New Ways To Conserve Water at Home!

3 Tips for Conserving Water and Reducing Waste in Celebration of Earth Day

Though many people don’t realize it, conserving water is a powerful way to help protect and preserve the planet for future generations. Water itself is a scarce commodity in many parts of the world, and even some American states and cities need to have it pumped in from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Add to this the fact that reclamation facilities and water treatment plants use a considerable amount of energy, contributing to fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

All in all, the less water used, the better for the environment. In terms of households, it also means lower bills, so there’s no downside to making an effort to reduce water waste. The best part is, it doesn’t take much effort, to begin with! Here are just a few easy ways to save water (and money) at home, long after Earth Day has come and gone.

Turn Faucets off When They’re Not Being Usedturn off

Many homeowners have already upgraded to low-flow faucets to help save water. But no matter the faucet, there’s always room to reduce waste by turning off the water when it’s not in immediate use. Most adults know better than to leave the faucet running while they’re brushing their teeth, but some youngsters may need to be educated in this respect. But the same goes for shaving, handwashing, and washing dishes - the water should only flow for wetting or rinsing. 

Other ways to reduce water waste are to rinse vegetables in a bowl or basin instead of under running water, put frozen foods in the fridge to thaw rather than rapid-thawing them with water, and open faucets halfway rather than full-blast whenever possible.


Take a Bath Instead of a Long Shower

In most cases filling up a bathtub will take much more water than a quick shower. The tub size is certainly a factor, but on average, people tend to use around 30 to 40 gallons of water when taking a bath. For those who like to take their time and enjoy nice steam, however, a bath may be the more prudent option - particularly if the showerhead is an older model with a high flow rate. 

Even using a standard showerhead with a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, a 20-minute shower will use 50 gallons - much more than it takes to fill a standard bathtub once. Still, when taking a bath, it’s best to use no more water than is necessary.

Schedule a Plumbing Inspection

Leaks in a home’s plumbing system can waste massive amounts of water each month, damage the home, and drive up utility costs significantly. Whether the leak is coming from a corroded pipe, a worn faucet valve, a loose pipe coupling, or a cracked gasket in the garbage disposal, finding and fixing it is a must for the water-conscious homeowner. A detailed inspection performed by a professional plumber is the best way to track down even the most subtle leaks and put a stop to them.

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