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Problems and Solutions: The Top 3 Emergency Plumbing Issues

Pop Quiz on the Most Common Plumbing Problems

How much does the average homeowner know about the causes and effects of the most common plumbing problems? While most people have experienced at least one of the issues mentioned below, they may not know the seriousness of these emergencies or the details involved. Consider this a refresher course on what can go wrong and why it’s important to involve plumbing professionals.

Toilets Overflowingtoilet

No one wants to step into their bathroom and find water coming out of their toilet instead of going down into it. There are several reasons this can happen, the two most likely culprits being a clog or a problem with the float in the tank. When a plumbing professional arrives on the scene, they will take several steps to solve this problem.

  1. They should turn off the water flowing to the toilet
  2. They should check for and remove clogs
  3. They should check float and adjust as needed

Sewers Backing Up

Sewer backups are not only one of the most disgusting plumbing problems; they can also be the most damaging. The water damage to homes and property can result in thousands of dollars worth of repairs and replacements. Mold, mildew, structural damage, and electrical problems can all result from sewage backup. The common causes of backups are:

  • Older Drainage Lines: Older pipes can have buildup that causes backups and clogs.
  • Tree Roots: Plants and trees are on an endless search for the best sources of water. They can creep into weaknesses in pipes seeking the moisture there. 
  • Combined Rain and Sewer Drains: If there is a severe storm with a lot of rain, and the two drainage systems are connected, this can cause a major sewage backup.

Pipes Burstingpipe

Just as sewer backups can cause huge amounts of damage, a burst pipe can result in many of the same hazards. The most obvious problems are severe water damage to the structure and mold growth due to leftover moisture. While people tend to think of burst pipes as primarily a wintertime issue, this is not the case. 

There are several reasons a pipe can burst, and some do not depend on the temperature or climate outside so that they can happen any time. 

  • Older Pipes: Pipes that have been trusted for decades may have areas weakened by corrosion and may break without warning.
  •  High Water Pressure: If the water pressure coming to a home increases, this can strain weak or corroded areas in the pipe and cause breakages.
  • Weak Connections: If any pipe joints have not been installed properly or weakened due to movement or age, they can burst apart.
  • Freezing Temperatures: While this is the most well-known reason, it must also be mentioned that if water freezes and expands in the pipe, it can cause breakage.

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