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The Importance and Benefits of Whole Home Water Filtration

Three Main Reasons Every Household Should Filter Water

Running water is a beautiful and precious luxury too easily taken for granted. In the United States, it’s pretty challenging to find places without it. And municipal water providers go to great lengths to ensure the water they deliver is as clean and as safe as possible. But despite their best efforts, water supplies can still become contaminated due to natural forces or artificial mishaps. 

That’s where residential water filtration comes in. Of all the filtration systems available today, whole-home systems are by far the most effective at removing the vast majority of pollutants and impurities. Keep reading to discover just how beneficial these robust filtration systems can be.


Filtration Makes Water Taste and Smell Better

The first major benefit of water filtration is it removes any substances that can give the water a strange or unpleasant odor or flavor. It’s never fun taking a big gulp of tap water and being left with a salty or stale aftertaste. Not to mention taking a bath that smells like sulfur! Water should taste and smell like… well, water. 

The usual culprits behind foul odors or water that tastes off are bacteria, certain minerals, or trace amounts of chemicals. Removing these can return water to its usual, vibrant self. The advantage of whole-home filtration, as opposed to individual point-of-use filtration methods like faucet-mounted or under-sink filters, is it removes these pollutants from every faucet, showerhead, and appliance in the house - not just one or two taps.

Do Away With Chlorine and Lead

Many water treatment facilities add chlorine to the water supply as an additional measure to combat bacteria and parasites as the water makes its way to homes and businesses across the city. Chlorine is considered safe to drink up to a level of 4 milligrams per liter, but it can affect the taste of water and cause irritation for those with sensitive skin.

Heavy metals such as lead and arsenic are much more dangerous because they’re virtually undetectable without special chemical testing. These substances can cause major health problems and are not safe in any concentration. Fortunately, they rarely wind up in municipal water anymore, thanks to modern regulations on plumbing materials, but it still exists.

Protection from Waterborne Viruses and Harmful Bacteriapollutants

Perhaps the best thing about whole-home filtration systems is their ability to filter water and purify it to near perfection. Using a 3-stage filtration process, these systems remove even the most slippery contaminants that evade traditional filtration methods. That includes volatile organic compounds, viruses, disease-causing bacteria, and harmful microorganisms.

Those who get their water from natural aquifers or private wells may not need to be as concerned about getting safe, pure water from their taps - but it still pays to be on the safe side, especially for drinking water. A whole-house water filtration acts as a powerful final safeguard against unexpected or undetected contamination events - a luxury that every family can afford.

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