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The Gift Every Water Heater Wants To Receive This Holiday Season

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Water Heater Repair

The holidays are all about giving, appreciation, and kindness. It’s a time for families to come together under one roof and share in the festive spirit. Since a great holiday experience needs a warm and happy home, that spirit of caring shouldn’t stop with the people alone - it should extend to the home itself and all of its most vital systems. And there’s no better place to start than the water heater. 

As the cold winter weather puts a higher demand on a home’s water heater and makes its job more difficult, problems tend to arise with greater frequency, and small issues tend to develop into major ones. Here are a few reasons every water heater will appreciate the gift of some basic repairs this winter.

Signs a Water Heater Needs Repair

The upside to water heater troubles is that, in most cases, they are easy to detect. Often, the water heater itself will exhibit the symptoms - strange noises like popping or hissing could mean there’s sediment buildup in the water tank or that the internal water pressure/temperature is too high. 

Water leaking from the unit could mean a loose valve or worn gasket, but it could also result from something more serious, like a cracked storage tank. On gas-heated units, issues like banging noises or a yellow, flickering pilot light can be very dangerous and require immediate repair.

Most other water heater problems will be reflected in the quality of the home’s water. If hot water doesn’t last, or the water is too hot, not hot enough, or just plain cold, the likely culprit is an issue with the thermostat or heating elements. Low water pressure or smelly water may mean the unit needs to be flushed and cleaned.

Reasons a Water Heater May Break Downletters

Many issues may cause water heater performance to suffer, but some will result in a total breakdown, especially if left unchecked. A malfunctioning pilot light may not only fail to ignite the burners, but it may also trigger a safety mechanism called a thermocouple, cutting off the gas supply. Similarly, if the unit’s internal temperature gets too hot, a thermal limit switch will engage and turn off the unit. 

A water heater can be severely damaged if the home’s water pressure is too high or if it handles a lot of very hard water. Mineral deposits can develop in the bottom of the tank and crack the tank shell. Even a simple problem like dirt on burners or electrical components can cause a water heater to fail.

How To Tell When It’s Time for a Replacement

If rust-colored water is coming from faucets, the anode rod in the water tank (which attracts corrosive materials) has likely disintegrated, leaving the tank exposed to corrosion. If caught in time, a cleaning and a new anode rod may be sufficient. But once the tank shell begins deteriorating, it may be too late - a leaking tank always necessitates replacing the whole unit.


Naturally, a water heater that regularly fails to perform or needs constant repairs may need replacement, especially if it’s more than a decade old. Aging units tend to break down more often, and the 10-year mark is approaching the typical life expectancy. In some cases, all that’s needed is a bigger unit. One way to tell if a unit is too small for the home is if the hot water always runs out prematurely.

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