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Make 2021 the Year You Update Your Bathroom!

New Bathroom in the New Year With Professional Bathroom Remodeling

Whether homeowners seek a new look for their existing bathroom or simply a more efficient and functional space, there are many reasons to begin the process of remodeling in the new year. Most bathrooms contain these prime candidates for remodeling work: the sink, the toilet, shower, and tub. Read on to learn what every owner must know to move forward with a successful remodeling project, no matter what the budget.  

Sinks: Features and Designs

For a fixture as simple as a sink, there are a surprising number of designs to choose from. Choosing the right sink is a matter of preference related to style and use.


Owners should know these main categories of sinks, each of which has its strengths and weaknesses:

  1. The pedestal sink is the purest and simplest of all sinks. It is composed of two separate elements: a vertical column, called a pedestal, and the sink basin, called a lavatory, that sits on top of it. These have a classic sensibility and are seeing a re-emergence due to their space-saving simplicity and elegance. These are ideal sinks for small spaces and small budgets. The pedestal sink's main strength is its primary drawback: it has no countertop space above or the storage space below.  
  2. Visually, the vessel sink is the close cousin of the pedestal model. Vessel sinks are basins that sit on top of the countertop. Because of this, they stand out and make a statement. Homeowners looking to create a bathroom that is just as stylish as it is practical will be pleased to find unique materials to enhance and support this chosen aesthetic: glass, stone, marble, and even wood basins are available. While stylish, these are often difficult to clean where the bowl meets the countertop. 
  3. Another common sink type is the undermount sink. This sink is installed below the countertop and hides the sink rim, providing more countertop space around the sink bowl's edge. These types of sinks have a clean, minimalist look to them and come in various materials, such as stainless steel, copper, or even cast iron. Installation is typically more complex than most other types of sinks, and these sinks can be expensive.  

Toilets: Features, Designs, and Replacement 

Toilets are the next central fixture worth remodeling consideration in the bathroom. Although they come in far less variety and style than sink options, homeowners will have options to choose from. Most toilet features vary in water usage efficiency, bowl shape, and height.  

If a remodeler continuously finds water around the bowl, or if it's wobbly, they should consider replacing the fixture with a newer toilet. Newer models are far more efficient today than they have been in the past, saving money on water bills. Further, many homeowners choose to replace an old toilet even if it's in good shape to choose an elongated bowl shape, which tends to be more comfortable than round bowls popular in bygone years. When shopping for a new toilet for a remodel, the height is the final variable likely to be encountered and is a key factor when choosing a more comfortable toilet.  

Showers/Tubs: Features and Designs


Style and personalized considerations are at the center of choosing redesigns for a homeowner's shower or tub. While some owners have one or the other, some combine into the same stall. Regardless of one's arrangement, homeowners can remodel to fit their needs. Some elderly homeowners, for example, choose to replace their tub with a walk-in shower pan for ease-of-use and safety. Others enjoy the peaceful solitude of soaking in a hot bubble bath.  

Once a homeowner's functional choices are made for this space, other design choices will hinge around tile design and color. They will also hinge on wall shelving and niche space for shampoos, soaps, and scrubbers, windows and light sources in or around the stall, and whether to enlarge or decrease the space to make the bathroom's overall layout more personalized.  For any of these options, it's always best to call a professional with the right skills.

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