Drain and Sewer Cleaning in the St. Louis Metro Area

There are a variety of methods of which to conduct drain cleaning throughout the St. Louis Metro Area. Many homeowners assume that they can just go to the store and pick up any bottle of “liquid drain cleaner” and call it a day. Unfortunately these chemical drain cleaners actually contain corrosive materials that can and will actually cause more damage to your drain and sewer lines than it will help.

There are many ways to effectively relieve a clogged drain, hydro-jetting, using a drum machine, using the eel cables or just replacing the bad drain lines. We always want to focus on cleaning the line over replacing the line. Our professional sewer and drain cleaners have the skills to take care of almost any kind of drain issue. 


Whether you need sink or shower drain cleaning, or even sewer line cleaning, there’s only one way to get the adequate services you need. That is to contact the professionals on our team. We begin with an inspection to confirm the root cause of your clog, and then we use the appropriate professional–grade equipment and drain or sewer cleaner necessary to get the job done. 

There are a number of things that can cause a clogged up drain or sewer line: sludge buildup, hair, grease, excessive tissues or toilet tissue, and even tree roots or natural wear–and–tear. Contact our staff today to have a look and show you why our customers return to us for their plumbing needs time and time again.


At Craftsman Plumbing, our drain and sewer cleaning services will help keep the pipes in your home running smoothly. Our team can tackle the toughest of clogs in any type of drain, including your:

  • Kitchen or Bathroom Sink

  • Basement, Shower, and Floor Drains

  • Septic Tank

  • Bathtubs, Toilets, and Showers

  • Garbage Disposals

  • Sewer Lines


Our hydro–jetting drain cleaning services are effective for both sink drain cleanings and shower drain cleanings. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property we’ll check and service your sink disposal unit and fix whatever is causing your sink drain clog. If it’s a shower drain issue it may be that a buildup or hair or soap scum is present. No matter what the source, our team as the tools and expertise to resolve your drain clog issues.


There are a few signs that indicate your sewer line is in need of professional cleaning services. If you notice backups occurring simultaneously throughout different areas of your home, this is a telltale sign. It’s also important to be aware of any bad odors rising out of the drains into your home, as this can be the sign of sewage backup. If you notice that multiple drains in your home smell like an open sewer, there’s no doubt that it’s time to call the professional to inspect and clean so you can go back to using your plumbing system with comfort and ease.

Call us today to take care of your sewer and drain cleaning needs. 636-733-6242

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